Simple brain test at age three can tell if someone will be a criminal or benefits claimant

(Picture Rex)
(Picture Rex)

A simple test can ‘predict a child’s future’ at age three, working out if they’re destined for a life of criminality and claiming benefits, researcher has claimed.

Researchers at King’s College followed more than 1,000 children from age three until they were 38 to work out if it was possible to ‘predict’ people’s lives.

At age three, the children were given a 45-minute test for intelligence, language and motor skills, as well as psychological tests.

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After 35 years, they found that the children who achieved the lowest test scores were responsible for 81% of the criminal convictions, and two-thirds of the benefit claims.

They were also responsible for more than half of the nights spent in hospital.

Professor Terrie Moffitt, of King’s College and Duke University in California, said: ‘About 20

per cent of the population is using the lion’s share of a wide array of public services.

‘The same people use most of the NHS, the criminal courts, the claims for disabling injury, pharmaceutical prescriptions and social welfare benefits.

‘If we stopped there, it might be fair to think these are lazy bums living off the taxpayer and exploiting the public purse.

‘But we also went further to look back into their childhoods of the people in our study, and we found that this 20 per cent began their lives with mild problems with brain function and brain health when they were very small children, at the age of three.’

‘’It gives you a feeling of compassion for these people, as opposed to a feeling of blame.’